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Flower Essences are made from flowers, plants, trees and work on delicate, subtle emotional levels. Flower essences hold an energetic imprint of the relating flower, transferring the flower's energetic frequency. Each flower has different positive healing energies, allowing the lifting the of negative emotion and into the positive.

The flower remedies are 100% safe and natural. They work positively in conjunction with herbal remedies, supplements, homeopathics and medications. They are safe for children, pregnant women, elderly and even animals.

Popular flower essences that you may remember include Bach Flower Remedies - Rescue Remedy (created in 1930's in the United Kingdom) & the Australian Bush Flower Remedies.

I am proud to be using New Zealand Native Flower Essences by First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand

Welcome to the Flower Essence Journey

Flower Essences - Personal Blend

When you have a personal question or issue that you want to address, the Te Wheke eight card layout can provide clarity and insight on any related and underlying factors. The eight essences that are automatically selected for you by the selection of cards, constitute a personal blend of essences to support you at a holistic level. There are a variety of methods to choose the essences which will go into a Personal Blend to assist you. With now over 6 years experience with dispensing Flower Essences for my clients, I am looking forward to guide you to your best supporting Personal Blend of the moment.

A first visit may take around an hour @ $60/hr, subsequent visits may be only 20 or 30 minutes and a Repeat of the same blend could be ordered at $25.00/bottle.

Your essences will be made up in a 25ml bottle and sent to you. One bottle will last up to one month taking 2-4 drops, 3-4 times a day. As it can take up to eight weeks to change a habit or an attitude, we recommend you begin with two 25ml bottles. Long standing issues may take more bottles.

Once the two bottles are used up, we can revisit the issue and check the progress. $25/bottle

Detoxifying with Flower Essences

Start of a new year or period in your life is time of renewal, regeneration and growth. Once again we look to nature for support to let go of what we no longer need, refreshing and revitalising our body, mind, emotions and spirit.

Cleansing or ‘detoxing’ has profound effects on all aspects of our being. Regardless of whether we choose to focus purely on the physical aspects of cleansing/detoxing, when we release accumulated toxins and wastes from our tissues we often find emotional, mental, and other ‘wastes’ coming up for release as well.

Plant essenceNo. 75 Whau is incredibly beneficial in assisting us in letting go of outworn, outmoded, and unhealthy patterns of behaviours. Whau can help us to let go of attachments to certain food/drink/lifestyle choices that are no longer serving ourselves, making room for that which is more beneficial to our wellbeing. Whau helps us at a Soul Level to move beyond current limitations and imbues the self with the gifts of cleansing, shedding, and regeneration. Put 2 drops in a glass of water and sip 3 – 4 times daily for the duration of your detox program.

Plant essence No. 77 Clematis is another plant ally for us as we undertake a cleansing program. Clematis is the ‘White Light’ essence that purifies and cleanses, helping us to release any addictive behaviours and self-destructive patterns. Clematis can help us at a soul level to see what we are attached to and to liberate us from what hinders our growth, or saps our energy and vitality such as too many processed and fast foods or excessive caffeine or sugar intake. Put 2 drops in your glass of water and sip 3 – 4 times daily for the duration of your detox program.

Combination Essence Detox Support is a very supportive pre-formulated blend of our native plants that can be used to aid the cleansing and elimination process on all levels of our being. Whau and Clematis are two of the ingredients of Detox Support.

Detox Support works in harmony with our intended personal detoxifying program. Taking 3 drops 3 times a day for the duration of your cleanse /detox program is recommended to enhance the effectiveness of it.

Ask me about Weight Loss Support, Sleep Support and other combination essences we could consider to support the 'growth' you are up for.

Disaster Relief available at $15.00/bottle

The rescue remedy, created in New Zealand with Native NZ flowers, ferns, trees and plants. Designed after the September 2010 Christchurch earthquake, to assist with the immediate emotional effects of the quakes. Soothing, stabilizing, grounding and elevating your outlook on life. Value $30+/bottle

Contact me on 0275367462

Post Trauma Recovery available at $15.00/bottle

A powerful blend of New Zealand native flower essences, these natural emotional remedies have been specially formulated to assist people and communities easily recover after natural disasters and to be more able to rebuild their lives and re-establish themselves after experiencing the turmoil and upheaval wrought by natural disasters. Value $25+/bottle